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Choya Umeshu Sarari

Umeboshi made of  "Ume" fruit has been praised to be one of the best apetizer drinks in the world. This additive free drink has wonderful golden color, smell of almonds and fresh taste with cherry, apricot and yellow raisin. Umami the fifth basic aroma  "deliciousness" is strong within this drink who knows maybe the name Umeshu comes from Umami. Mild 10% Umeshu should be enjoyed as it is well cooled and or with ice. Because Umeshu includes under 15% alcohol it can't be called liqueur -But in Japan Umeshu is known as a "mild liqueur ". If you enjoy for example Amaretto-liqueur you're going to love Umeshu. Umeshu is very fresh and light also a very good component for a mixed drink. Good examples of mixing Umeshu is to mix it with sparkling wine or Champagne with 1/3 Umeshu.

Olemus: Golden yellow

Nose: Almond
Taste: Apricot, yellow raisin, cherry
Sugar: 142 g/l
Alcohol: 10 % 
Producer: Choya Umeshu Co.,Ltd. (Osaka) 
Alkon tilausvalikoimassa: 900328 

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