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Jinro As a drink

Jinro 20 is distilled beverage, made from rice, tapioca and sweet potato. Jinro is crystal clear and colorless and it doesn’t contain any impurities nor artificial ingredients. Final quality is achieved by multiple filtration through activated charcoal filtration (bamboo charcoal).

In South-Korea where Jinro is originally from, this type of distilled beverage is called "soju" and it is super popular. In fact Jinro’s soju is the most popular spirit alcohol in the world. Soju is typically a party drink and enjoyed in a good company as neat, or as a mixer for cocktails and drinks. With food Jinro is best  accompanied with spicy meat and fish, Korean and Asian food and barbeque.

Popularity of soju is increasing all over the world. In Asia, Australia, Russia and USA it is already very popular and recently Jinro has started to gain popularity also in many parts of Europe. For consumers, Jinro is a great choice, pure and nice tasting alcohol without complexity.  

In next section we are recommending some Jinro based drinks and more tips and recipes can be found from internet “millions” by googling

Jinro Bar

The most popular Jinro drinks and cocktails almost without exceptions are very fruity and made with fresh pineapple, watermelon, kiwi, lemon and grapejuice. Lightness can be brought with a sodawater and for some extra flavor with ginger berries or mint.
In the hands of bartenders soju is capable of almost anything.

Jinro Pinacolada 

1     Fresh pineapple

5     tbsp coconut cream ( use coconut cream not coconut water)

2 -3 dl Pineapple juice

1     tbsp of sugar 

1    BTL of Jinro


Peel the pineapple and remove the core. Cut the pineapple to smaller pieces and put it in a blender with coconut cream, pineapple juice and sugar. After the mixture is carefully blended add the Jinro. Best served with ice.


Jinro Pinacolada (simple)

2    BTL Danone Pinacolada drinkable yogurt

1    BTL Jinroa


Shake well add few ice cubes and enjoy.

Melon Soul (4 - 8: lle)

1 Medium size fresh watermelon

4 dl ice

2 BTL of Jinro Soju

Työohje: Slice the watermelon to pieces and remove any seeds. Cut the melon to smaller pieces and push them through a strainer . Pour the watermelon juice to a serving container and add ice and soju. Mix the all the ingredients carefully and drink is ready to be served. Instead of watermelon you can try kiwi. 

 Soju Apple (4 lle)

1/2 Pink Lady or Granny Smith apple

250ml soju or sake

580 ml chilled Schweppes Soda Water

4 lime wedges

Cut apple into matchsticks then put in a pitcher and stir in soju.

Leave it to soak, covered and chilled, for at least 30 minutes.

Fill 4 double Old Fashioned glasses with ice.

Strain about 1/4 cup soju into each glass, then add some apple pieces to each glass.

Top off drinks with tonic and serve with lime wedges.

Seoul Tea

Seoul Tea

Easy and refreshing soju drink.

1/3 Jinro soju

2/3 Chilled tea

Lemon juice sugar and ice.

You can use a ready Ice-Tea lemon drink if so don't add any sugar.

Raspberry Soju

We recommend this for fresh rasberry season:

60 ml Jinro Soju

40 ml Raspberry liquor < 22%

12 raspberries, 11 being smashed and 1 left for garnish

2 mint leaves for garnish

Crushed ice.

Jinro Ginger Tea

1/3 Jinro soju
1/3 Ginger Alea

1/3 Ice-Tea

Add lime slice and ice.

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